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Your Credit File is one of your most important assets. Protect it with My Veda Alert.

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Receive an email alert within 24 hours whenever certain changes occur on your credit file.

This includes new credit enquiries, which could alert you to potential fraud. You will also receive a FREE My Veda Credit Reputation, dispatched to you within one working day.

We now offer two payment options, monthly or annually.

Protect - your identity and credit profile with My Veda Alert from just $7.95 a month! Monthly Annually

In order to assure compliance with new regulatory changes issued by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner to Amendment 9 of the Credit Reporting Privacy Code, Veda will be introducing changes to our offerings and pricing structure. The regulatory changes come into force on the 1st of September.

Business File
You can take direct action to help protect yourself by applying the PROTECT strategy.

This strategy looks at little things you can implement into your everyday life that can help prevent becoming a victim of identity theft. 

Your credit file is a tool credit providers use to help them ascertain your financial reliability.

A credit file includes information about you and has four distinct sections. These are:

  1. Consumer information which may include:

  • Identity details

9. General Information

7. Dispute Resolution

6. Comprehensive Reporting

5. Privacy

2. Understanding your credit file

1. Credit File Basics