My Credit File Standard

My Credit File, My credit reputation

My Credit File, my credit reputation

Every day, thousands of changes are made to Credit Files, such as:

  • New enquires are made by credit providers when you apply for credit.
  • New addresses loaded
  • Information such as payment defaults
  • Account repayment history

Your Credit File is one of your most valuable assets. Make sure you manage it.

Below are the options for ordering your free credit file:
  1. You can order online by visiting our Compare our Products page here; or
  2. If you would prefer to apply via post, you can complete our application form here 

Please Note:  When applying for access please provide us with sufficient data to enable us to verify your identity. Please note; where we are unable to verify your identity we may ask you for additional information before we can provide you with your credit file. This is to protect you from identity fraud.